Polo in the City

Summer is almost here, and even if the weather isn’t ready to celebrate, we’re raring to go!

It all kicks off at the Melbourne Polo, Saturday November 26th. So, frock up and get ready to party polo style.

Okay, the 26th is tomorrow. So, this post is ideal if you’ve left your outfit to the very last millisecond or if you just love a little weekend fashion inspo.

You don’t need an excuse to buy a new dress – just do it! New party dress + glass of bubbles + late arvo sunshine = heaven.

Forget extra room for shoes, we need extra room for new hats and accessories.

Alright, maybe we’ll need to buy a four bedroom house. One for clothes, one for shoes, one for accessories and one to sleep in – very doable.

Hold your horses, Polo in the City is just the beginning of hot summer events we can look forward to. Let's get excited ladies, it's summer time (well almost)!

Emma xx