Christmas Lunch

Christmas isn't just about spending time with family, giving presents and watching endless Christmas movies (Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3 anyone?). 

Christmas is also one big food coma! Followed by a late afternoon nap and leftovers if your second stomach can cope with another slice of trifle. The only bad thing about Christmas lunch is the clean up. 

So, why not try something new this year or next (if you're a planner) and eat out? Santa eats out every year, going from house to house scoffing down all the milk and cookies left out for him. It's clever because he doesn't have to do the washing up! 

Let's take a leaf out of Santa's book ;). Here's a few places that might tickle your fancy. 

Indulge yourselves this Christmas at Campari House. Just $95 per person and a delicious set menu, all your festive cravings will be satisfied. 

For bubbles, bites and full tummies, you can't go past a Melbourne classic, The Hotel Windsor.

You don't have to do the traditional sit down lunch. Head to where the grass is greener and enjoy a family BBQ in the park. The Royal Botanic Gardens makes for the ideal picnic destination. Lay out a rug, nibble on your food all day and snooze in the sunshine. 

If you're one of the lucky ones celebrating Christmas along the Mornington coast, The Royal Hotel will be serving a lot of tasty Christmas morsels this year.

The options are endless, and now we can't stop thinking about food! Prepare yourselves, whether you're eating in or out, a Christmas lunch coma is inevitable! 

Emma xx