Our 7 Steps To Detox Your Wardrobe

It’s not a fear, it’s a nightmare (cue Jaws music). Running out of closet space! Especially daunting with a season like winter fast approaching.

If you literally have zero space left in your cupboard, we'll be the first to tell you there’s no way you’re going to let it spill out into the rest of your apartment Confessions of a Shopaholic style. There's only one solution. The Stylist Says’ Wardrobe Detox. We've come up with the best tips and tricks to get you and your wardrobe ready for winter. 

                       Cher's wardrobe meltdown in  Clueless

                       Cher's wardrobe meltdown in Clueless

  1. Begin by splitting up your wardrobe into seasons. Put aside the previous season e.g. summer so you can focus on the months ahead.
  2. Ask yourself some questions...is it on trend? does it still fit? Don't tease yourself with "it might fit once I start my diet". If the answer is no, it's time to say goodbye!
  3. Be ruthless! Our no.1 rule when it comes to decluttering our client's wardrobes. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months you don’t need it in your life. Just like your ex, it's time to move on!
  4. Versatility - before buying anything we like to think of how many ways it could be worn. If something in your wardrobe only serves one purpose it might be time to let it go, sing the Frozen soundtrack while you're at it (you know you want to). 
  5. Adopt a buy and sell home policy - there's always those keys pieces we want at the beginning of a new season but budget/space come into play. A good way to resolve this is to balance out items you're lusting over with ones you're willing to let go. Savvy smart shoppers offset the cost of new clothes with the money they make from selling old ones.
  6. Once you have done your wardrobe edit you'll need to figure out the best way to sell your pre loved clothes. If you have time to do it yourself you're a true superhero, however with everything moving a million miles an hour these days there are concierge services that take will care of the process for you. How easy is that?! (highly recommend a Google)
  7. As always don't forget to sit back, relax and admire your work. You'll have kept your wardrobe from becoming the next natural disaster/global health hazard.

Of course the hardest part of any detox is maintaining the results, so every now and then get back in there! Do it all over or work through bit by bit. A tidy wardrobe equals a clear mind, so spring clean like it's going out of fashion...see what we did there.

Emma xx