My Daily Essentials

As any woman knows it's always good to be prepared! That's why we carry our essential items with us in our bags all the time. They're so essential we feel naked without them. If you accidentally leave one behind not only will you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach (like when you lose all your friends at a nightclub with your phone battery on 1%), it'll probably turn out to be the one day you'll need that particular item the most. Why does the world always work that way?! 

It's time to wipe up our tears of frustration and take a cheeky peek into my bag and check out some of my daily essentials. I could practically conquer Everest with these bad boys. 

  • Call me old fashioned but I love a paper diary. It's easy to read and keeps me organised. That's why I grabbed mine from An Organised Life
  • I'm obsessed with my Zara - Backpack. It keeps my essentials safe and secure and I can squeeze in extra goodies throughout the day.
  • Nars - Eyeshadow (Everyday Tones) to keep my eyelids looking glamorous and awake!  
  • Jane Iredale - Pressed Powder for when I excuse myself to the ladies room to "powder my nose". 
  • Rayban - Sunnies protect my eyes from any long term damage and they help me to avoid awkwardly squinting when sunshine beams directly into my retina. 
  • Lara bingle - LB Cream so my skin stays flawless all day.  
  • I refresh and pucker my lips with my favourite Mac - Lipstick (Japanese Maple).
  • Can't forget my keys - with a fluffy key ring of course. I've heard keys are a great way to get into your house and enable you to start your car...fascinating stuff! 
  • I just got a new wallet for my birthday and it's personalised! Get your own at The Daily Edited. 
  • Lastly I like to have some mints handy in case I go a bit overboard on lunch or have to dash off somewhere in a hurry. 

There are plenty of other nifty day to day items that are great depending on the weather, time of day etc. The main thing is that you've got a good bag and your needs are met. The hardest part is trying to remember to pack everything! 

Emma xx