There's Nothing Sexier than a Well Dressed Man

Fellas listen up! This is a top 5 countdown just like your local radio station. The prize? You looking smoking at the end of it. Maybe even completely irresistible like an Old Spice commercial. We've narrowed it down to the best of the best! The 5 items no male wardrobe should be without. Save your excuses! Let's get started.  

1. Nothing beats a man in a crisp white shirt. Whether you dress it up or down a shirt means business. Bruce Wayne by day, Batman by night...the trick is to leave people guessing. 

2. Rock out in a black leather jacket. Are you the bad guy with a motor bike that her parents don't approve of? Or are you digging a Justin Timberlake vibe? Either way you'll get some attention. 

3/4. Accessories wise you can't go past a great pair of classic sunnies and a printed pocket square. Both are an easy addition to an outfit but it's important not to combine them together after dusk! Sorry Corey Hart...'sunglasses at night' isn't going to happen.  

5. Men and jeans go together like coffee and cake (flat white and chocolate please). If you don't have a decent pair already make it a priority. These beauties can be worn all year round and will keep up with any sticky situation you might get yourself into.

If James Dean were still around we have no doubt he'd be strutting his stuff all over town in these show stoppers. Work hard, play hard and look effortlessly handsome while you do it.

Emma xx 


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