Mr. Nice (Shoes) Guy

Just as John Snow predicted, Winter has come. Fellas, this means keeping your extremities warm! Get your mind out of the trash, that's Oscar's territory (Sesame Street throwback). Even Elmo has been known for sporting some killer kicks in the cooler months.

This winter a sturdy pair of shoes and a splash of colour will brighten up any gloomy day. Chilly toes? Not to worry, start off your shoe ensemble with a patterned sock. Forget the two left feet, pfft who invited them to the party. It's all happy feet in a pair of these show stoppers. 

Bye bye boring shoestrings, hello colourful cords. "You make a loop de loop and pull! And your shoes are looking cool." Spongebob Squarepants represent. 

Okay, you've had the fries but now for the burger (with extra bacon). The piece de resistance, the footwear to bring it all together. Get through the grind and after-hour gatherings in some smart work shoes or rock the socks off any weekend in an all rounder boot. Perfect for a cheeky stroll on the beach or watching the footy with mates. We've got you sorted for every occasion. 

Guys, there's no reason you can't stand out from the crowd in style and have some fun while you do it. Bring out your personality and take a walk on the wild side. Whoever said chivalry was dead obviously doesn't know a Mr. Nice (shoes) Guy. 

Emma xx