Date Night: The Conjuring 2

  • Date night = Spending quality time with your partner.
  • Saturday = The carefree night of the week.
  • The local cinema = A completely original and foolproof date.
  • The movie = Something a little bit scary.
  • Snack of choice = Salted caramel Choc Tops and a large popcorn to share.
  • Petrified = How I felt 10 minutes in!

I’ve never seen a 9.30pm session so packed with loved-up couples all there for the same reason. The girls - to pretend we're scared as an excuse to snuggle up close to our dates. The guys - to look tough and maybe try the old 'fake-yawn-arm-over-shoulder' routine. As for the more intense couples that sit up the back... get out! Spend your money on a hotel room. Nobody wants to hear you get lucky Susan!  

So, the movie. The Conjuring 2 is utterly terrifying! With paranormal activity in every corner, romance immediately flew out the window (just like a ghost). My boyfriend and I sat with our hands over our eyes the entire time! We couldn’t cuddle, we couldn’t eat, we could barely sit still. Every brief moment of silence was quickly followed by a BAM! I felt like I was the one possessed by a demon with no control over my body! James Wan is an extremely clever but seriously messed up individual. 

By the time we got home we'd convinced ourselves that we were next. A few Disney movies later and an under the bed check, we managed to get to sleep. Being a lover of anything horror, the best films are the ones that go home with you. The Conjuring 2 is out of this world, even if it's not quite the perfect date night movie. Hold on, who's that behind you? (blood-curdling scream). Have fun kids!

Overall verdict = 4/5 Choc Tops

Emma xx