Miss Eyelash feat. Beautiful Brows

Eyebrows define us, they frame our face and help to express our emotions. Unfortunately, many of us tamper with them a little too much! We've all heard the horror stories: The serial pluckers, the wayward waxers and the shaving bandits. Let's face it, meddling above the eye will only lead to bald spots, tears, and broken friendships. 

At The Stylist Says, we take our brows very seriously. That's why we only trust the professionals and at Miss Eyelash there's plenty more than meets the eye. Luscious lashes and gorgeous butterfly kisses are just the beginning. The truth of the matter is their eyebrow game is seriously on point. 

Treat yourself to a full Miss Eyelash consultation. From brow restoration to design and maintenance, the talented ladies have you covered. Not only will you walk out with brows that even Cara Delevingne is bound to envy, you'll be armed with priceless eyebrow knowledge to boot.

My brows were out of control so I recently popped in for a full transformation. I've gone from bright-eyed and bushy-browed to bright-eyed and sophisticated. It's amazing what a tint, a trim and a pair of tweezers can achieve in the right hands. No more stray and dangly hairs, instead, two sleek, slick and powerful arches. Hallelujah!

We're spoilt for choice, Miss Eyelash is located in Mt Eliza and Elwood! Book online or call today. Instagram: @misseyelash

P.S. Whenever we think of eyebrows, we think of this glorious commercial. Enjoy!

Emma xx