Our Sunday Winter Essentials

Sunday's don't have to be the beginning of the end. Make the most of your downtime. Weekends that seem to last forever are the most satisfying. One foot in reality, the other in a sleepy dreamworld filled with feelings of relaxation and contentment. We have the cuddliest delights that will make your winter Sundays feel extra long and extra comfy. 

Set the mood with some yummy candles! We're loving the range from Grace and James. We do suggest having some snacks on hand to suppress any cravings as their candles are so delicious you'll wish they were edible. 

You can never have too many blankets. We loved them as little kids (RIP blankie) but we love them even more now! Blankets and throws take snuggles to the ultimate level. They're also very handy for building pillow forts.

An afternoon wine or bubbly always goes down a treat. Shake things up a bit with some new glassware. No need for stems, these beauties make pouring a breeze. Especially handy if you're in a lazy limbs kind of mood. 

A scrumptious cup of tea is the perfect end to any afternoon. An animal tea infuser makes for a super cute way to brew your brew. We recommend popping into T2 and discovering some new flavours. Try something different and sip the benefits, you never know what you might find.  

Hold up! Lazy Sundays can't begin without something to dive into. Luckily we've covered all bases. Catch up on everything Vogue, meet Baloo and Mowgli at nostalgia central, giggle along to the perfect read with your inner bookworm or binge watch Nashville - a combination of country music, The OC, and One Tree Hill (yes, it's as good as it sounds).

Five day weekends are still on our wish list but until then get Monday out of your mind and enjoy your Sundays to the max. Take it easy, eyes off the clock and happy relaxing! 

Emma xx