Ladies, Let's Get In Formation

Queen B knows what's what. "Who runs the world?" We do Donald, we do. However, all this running around can make for a tough gig, especially when you can't get your eyeliner to match. Stay calm. You're are a strong, independent woman who doesn't need a man (a puppy would be nice though).  


Don't sweat the small stuff, it's time to get back to basics. A powerful woman needs a powerful wardrobe and we have 5 killer pieces you should never be without. 

1. Leather jacket. You're a badass chick who enjoys a soy latte and the occasional ride on the back of her boyfriend's Harley (or at least that's what you'll tell people).  

2. White shirt. Just like a cartoon stick with a staple. If they're good enough for Homer Simpson, they're good enough for us!

3. Black oversized sunnies. Not only a classic statement piece but also great for hiding tired eyes after a big night out (cheeky wine or five...we won't tell anyone).

4. Black handbag. You need somewhere to put everything, duh! This one speaks for itself! 

5. Nude heels. The perfect compliment to any outfit. Flared cropped jeans or a cute slip dress this Saturday night? Quick change in the bathroom stall like a superstar and wear them with both. Genius!

Yep, we're ready to take on the universe! We're also super excited for the weekend, shop up and have fun ladies. Do it like Beyonce - SLAY!

Emma xx