Rug Up Guys

Inspector Gadget and Paddington Bear - an unlikely pair? Think again. A charming English bear and a metal infused detective must have something in common. They both rock a great winter coat! Paddington opting for the duffel, Gadget sporting a trench. All in the name of 'FASHION' (or at least that's what we tell ourselves). 

Magnifying glasses at the ready fellas! We've tracked down some handsome winter coats to keep you from getting the chills. Brrr! On second thoughts, maybe don't get all your inspiration from Paddington. He doesn't wear pants. The coat is pointless.  

You can't go wrong with navy blue or black! If you're feeling bold however, go for grey. Dapper and warm - the perfect winter combo. You'll be solving mystery's and embarking on adventures in no time. Go-Go Jacket! 

Emma xx