When I first started thinking about packing my life up my left eyeball decided to twitch every single time! Questions went flying through my brain, "What on earth am I going to pack?", "How many pairs of shoes do I think I could fit?", "How do I take my whole wardrobe but not?" That was only three out of two thousand questions and thoughts I had shooting through my brain 2-3 times a day. 

When it came down to it I had to come to terms with the fact that I couldn't take everything with me (heart shattering) but how could I? I was moving to LA for god knows how long and lets face it, LA has shops.. good ones, so I figured life could go on!

One of the things I had to remember was I was moving to LA not New York, people in LA wear colour... major f***! I don't own colour as many Melbournian's would understand. What the efff was I going to do, let people look at me and think 'well she must have a funeral poor dear' so that's exactly what I planned on doing.

When I started pulling things out to pack I also had to remember LA weather, yes I was going into winter BUT it's still warm during the day (think Sydney) I needed to pack versatile pieces so I could mix and match to get the most out of my the things i had packed. I had to consider meetings, warm days, long trips in the car to locations, client consultations, exercise and just stuff to wear everyday on my days off. 

If this is you secretly whispering f*** to yourself 20 times a days because you just have no idea what to pack for your move overseas, or your three month vacay or just have no idea what to pack for a mini break then check out my pack list. Trust me you will no longer need to pull your hair out numerous times a day!



  • Black / White / Stripe Tees
  • Black / Grey / Emerald green long sleeve tops 
  • Denim shirt
  • Oversized linen shirts
  • Black / White cami
  • Sheer long sleeve top (for layering)


  • Jeans (daahh)
  • Navy suede skirt (Vik & Woods)
  • Overalls
  • Tie up Skirt (Vik and Woods)


  • Black slip dress (Maurie and Eve)
  • Crepe dress for everyday (Scanlan Theodore)
  • Casual black & white stripe dress
  • Maxi (oldy from Lisa Ho)
  • Black midi dress (Dion Lee)


  • Vintage denim shearling jacket (Levis)
  • Leather Jacket (New Denim)
  • Black tie up blazer
  • Northface jacket... just incase 


  • Fury slip ons (Tony Bianco)
  • Clear heels (Tony Bianco)
  • Tan mules
  • Black points (Nine West)
  • Black over the knee boots 
  • Runners 


  • Christie Nicolaides earrings (ok I packed a few pairs)
  • Stack rings
  • Gucci Belt
  • Mon Purse oversize leather clutch bag
  • Raybans


  • Laptop / Diary
  • Passport
  • PJ's 
  • Straightener (cloud nine)
  • Sports gear
  • Bose headphones
  • Toiletries. 

HOT TIP : If you pack lots of a smaller accessories e.g. earrings, silk scarves, belts, stocking sockettes you can change up your outfit and give it a different feel each time. 


Here's a sneak peak.. to shop the rest of my bag click below.