Weekend Getaway

Want to feel like you've been away ages but don't want to use up any of your leave? (sneaky, sneaky). 

Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to time-travel just yet, but I have found the perfect place to escape and it's only a short drive from Melbourne.

Cosy Tents in Daylesford, is the ultimate winter weekend getaway! 

  1. You're "glamping" (glamorous camping) in a comfy tent, full of pillows, blankets, a big spacious bed and your very own cosy fire place - which is also a good way to tell who the pyromaniac is in your relationship.
  2. This means you're NOT in a squishy, 2 man tent with your mattress slowly deflating. 
  3. Daylesford is located right near Hepburn Springs, which is very romantic ;). There's a handmade chocolate shop, cute antique stores (Brick Lane Bazaar), a Sunday Market, and mouthwatering bakery goods! 

If you feel a bit peckish when you arrive in town, but want to avoid the crowds, head just 10mins down the road to Daylesford Cider Co, it's cosy, warm and utterly charming!

Fancy a cheeky bev? Grab the tasting paddle or a glass of hot mulled cider, and I recommend tucking into either the chicken pot pie, veal ragu, apple crumble or Nutella crepes...or all 4 like we did!

Speaking of food, when you arrive at Cosy Tents make sure you splash out for a brekky box so you can enjoy some yummy local produce B&B style. 

You'll even get a thermos of hot water for your tea/coffee - super handy because it's f****ing freezing outside. 

Let me finish by saying if you hate camping, you'll love glamping. If you love camping, you'll say you didn't enjoy it but secretly cry yourself to sleep the next time you have to pitch your own tent. 

Cosy Tents & Daylesford? A big double thumbs up! 

Emma xx